About Mayer S. Leiter O.B.M., JD '02





Every Individual is unique, yet, it is only seldom when we come into contact with a person who truly behaves unique.


For all those who knew Mayer they will tell you that he touched their life like no other person. It made no difference who you were or what religion you came from. It was with this special demeanor he inspired those around him, at times single handedly.


We were fortunate to have him with us at the University of Miami. It was largely through his efforts that Chabad at University of Miami was established. Mayer founded and led the Jewish Comparative Law Society. Mayer only was witness to its first 6 months of existence yet in that short time JCLS was awarded the "count of love" award as the most active small club at the UM School of Law.

It is with great respect for a truly special legacy that we are please to announce that the Chabad at University of Miami has been renamed the Mayer S. Leiter Chabad at University of Miami.