Sukkot Schedule 

Services and Meals Location - Chabad UM - 1251 Hardee Rd, Coral Gables, FL 33146 

(Behind the University Holiday Inn, across from UM Campus)  


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Wednesday September 18 

  Sukkot ~ Sushi In The Sukkah Maariv @ 7:30 pm (Dinner 8:00 pm)

Thursday September 19 

 Morning Services and Kiddush Lunch @ 10:30 am (Kiddush 1:30) 

  Sukkot ~ Lulav Shaking & Hookah in the Sukkah with Israeli Cuisine @ 6:00 pm (Maariv and Dinner at 8:00 pm)

Friday September 20 

 Morning Services and Kiddush Lunch @10:30 am  (Kiddush 1:30)

   Sukkot ~ Shabbat Dinner in the Sukkah @ 7:30 pm (Dinner 8:00 pm)

Shabbos September 21 

 Morning Services & Kiddush Lunch @10:30 am (Kiddush 1:30)

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